“Lesly Flynn is that rare combination of pragmatist and dreamer. She approaches challenges with a clear sense of what is possible, probable, or predictable and uses that information to help her clients get clear on what they really want to achieve. She is understanding and compassionate, but is quick and determined when it comes to closing a deal. I have gotten a lot done since I began working with Lesly, and have tackled projects with humor and optimism rather than dread. I’ve also been able to envision new possibilities which I didn’t even consider in the ballpark on my own.” ~J.S., Berkeley

“I’ve known Lesly for over 12 years, and worked with her for 6. Lesly is a deep listener, highly intuitive, pays close attention to details, and is an advocate for her clients. She is also a very practical problem solver, and likes to see projects through to completion in a highly organized way. She is a people person and has a large network of connections in the East Bay, partly because she was born and raised here, but also because she believes in the power of community. I still rely on Lesly to connect me to the right person for anything I want to get done in the East Bay.” ~K.C., El Cerrito

“Lesly has a way of asking questions that makes you think more proactively and clearly of your situation; you’re in control of more than you may realize. Lesly guides you through your transaction with that knowledge and power.” ~D.R., Berkeley